Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hello out there in the land of the web,

This is my first blog post, so sit back and enjoy a little about myself

I have now been going to university for 8 months, that's including the christmas holiday and easter holiday, and I am loving it here.....except for the essays, but no one likes writing essays....except for maybe english students.  I am at The University of Kent studying Drama and Film studies. I love the drama side of the course...but...the film, not so much. I mean, yes it's interesting but if you do joint honours here you only do half the course, so we end up doing just theory, which is boring. So, I applied to change course and as of next year I will be doing just Drama, Mdrama and theatre studies... the 'M' stands for masters, so at the end of the four year course I should have a Masters, from then on I'll shall be known as 'MASTER SHORT!' ... I like the ring of that.

Ok, back to my life thus far. Im in a really cool house in the Parkwood area of the university, it's like a little village, nice and peaceful. I have 5 cool housemates, all really nice and I have really cool neighbors as well. The campus is really pleasant and serene, with lots of places to go and really cool social places, like Mungos, Woodys, KBar, Origins and many others. Canterbury is also really nice; a beautiful place with a old, historic Cathedral, which I have yet to go into, but I will soon. The city has many, many pubs in, however, in terms of clubbing, not that much. I mean yeah, it's got a few, but I suppose it could do with a few more, Im sure there are other social areas that I have yet to find, but I've got another three years to find them. Anywho, there is one really nice place here which I really like, and that is the view of the City from the top of the hill near Keynes bus stop. It's simply amazing, I'll post a picture one day, I haven't got one now, but I'll get one soon.

There's loads more to say, but I want to wrap it up, so I'll tell you about one more thing. I was in a really cool play last term, House of Illusion written and directed by Kate Lennon and Heather Ward, influenced by Punchdrunk Theatre Company and the plays The Balcony and Night at the Circus. The play was of a promenade style. Those of you who are unaware of what promenade style is, it is basically where there is no set stage or seating area, the entire building or area is the stage, and the audience walk around the area and see what they want to see whilst the action is being acted out around them. It is really cool style, I love it! The only drawback is that there is no backstage so the actors are constantly acting without anywhere to stop and take a breather. But nonetheless, I loved it! And I wish I could do theatre like that all the time. The character I played was Mr Sugar, in Nights at the Circus he is only a small role, however, in this play, each part is a main role because as I said, we're constantly "onstage". Even if there isn't a scene to act in, we were still acting and improvising in our areas. It is hard to explain what the main plot of the play was as each character had their own story to perform. My character was a client at the Brothel who paid for sex and raped a prostitute when he got angry. He also had a fetish for wings and was mesmerized by Fevvers' wings (Fevvers was another character within the play who was the star attraction due to having real wings on her back). The play does not end nicely as my character, Mr Sugar wins by killing Fevvers in order to get the wings. So....yeah....sorry.

Anywho, that's about it, I'll try and post regular blogs, later