Friday, September 18, 2009

Life goes on.....but what's happening with Thom?

Alright guys....

Hope you're well....

Right, it's been a long time since my last blog, but that's because I either didn't have anything to write or I wanted to let it all pile up and write it in one post, I don't know, what do you think?

Right.....where to begin? Um...The summer just went, and I did quite a bit.

Firstly, I was job hunting and that failed, all the jobs were taken by BLADY students, it's not fair. So, I ended up painting my house for my parents, it took a while but it looks a lot better, and I got a fair bit of money for that. So, I can now put on my CV Decorating as i decorated my house.
Secondly, I went to my first funeral in the summer, it was very sad, I didn't know the person that well, but my mum did and my grandparents did and she was my godfathers mum, so I felt I had to be there to support my family.
Soon after that, I went to Centre Parks with my mum, big sis and lil bro, and had a quite a fun time, did my first ever paintball session, was immense, hurt though but still immense.

What else...I went up north with my family, stayed in a cottage Alnmouth, it was about two minutes from the beach so it was really nice. We travelled up to Edinburgh whilst staying at Alnmouth, got to see the Fringe festival again for the fifth year running, and it's still awesome, I love it up there. I saw some pretty good theatre. A company which people should see is Gecko, they did and show called The Overcoat and they were FRICKIN' AWESOME, I loved 'em. I also managed to see my friend's show Borges and I by Idlemotion. They were good, but......they were no Gecko, but they were still good. Idlemotion is a company people will soon hear about more and more.

I've also, now, moved into my new house in Canterbury, Kent. It's really nice, and in a good location, 5 minutes from town and 10 minutes from Uni, so it's pretty good. When I first moved in though, it had some really tacky wallpaper in the hallway, stairway and landing. That's a picture of my house and the wallpaper above, but luckily, Sean, my housemate managed to get it painted. It's now magnolia and it looks ten times better, it gets more light and it feels more homely. So, cheers Sean mate. A thing that bothered my about the house though, was being greeted by bills and also having to sort out the internet. It's sorted now obviously, but before, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had to get a line rental from BT and get broadband from O2 (O2 is cheaper if you are and O2 customer). It's sounds easy, but believe me, it wasn't. I spent a lot of time on the phone with BT and O2 trying to get it sorted and there was a lot of waiting. I had no internet for 2 weeks, I had to go to my mates house to use it. But everything's cool now, just need to pay the bills

OH! Nearly forgot, before the summer, I auditioned for Edward II by Christopher Marlowe and being directed by Kent Theatre Company. I got it! WAY! And have a few parts in the play. From the look of how the rehearsals are going it looks like it's gonna be pretty good. Pretty good indeed.

Anywho, that's about it so far, I think. If I remember anything else, I'll let you know.